P3 Mouthwear

P3 Mouthwear offers the world’s most advanced technology for:

  • Power
  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Protection
  • Communication
  • Breathing

For every sport and any level of competition, P3 Mouthwear will make you play better, train harder and protect you in ways you never thought possible.

Using our P3 Precision Fit™ process, our Certified Doctors can accurately assess and capture your optimal jaw position. This position naturally improves your body’s entire postural alignment while maximizing air flow and oxygen intake, resulting in enhanced power, core stability, and flexibility. Together, these factors combine to instantly impact your safety and performance.

With our P3 Mobile Fitting teams, we specialize in private on-site custom fittings for individuals, professional teams, private member clubs and NCAA programs. No need to visit the dentist. We come to you.

P3 Process

P3 Experience: There are a lot of different techniques being taught in neuromuscular dentistry. Our process has evolved from first hand experience working with hundreds of top athlete in all disciplines. We are at the point now where we can customize the jaw position to maximize an athlete’s needs for both training and competition. For example, an offensive lineman in football would have a different optimal position than a long distance marathon runner.

P3 Quality: Our products are 100% Made in the USA, with one exclusive lab partner to guarantee the highest standards of safety, sanitization and workmanship. We simply will not compromise on our commitment to your safety and personal well being.

P3 Technology: In addition to advanced jaw tracking technologies, we are now implementing advanced digital impression, milling and warehousing capabilities.

P3 Customer Care: Our personalized service starts with a series of baseline tests to accurately determine if our technology will be effective for you. Every person has a unique jaw alignment and we want to make sure you will get the results you’re looking for before you decide to invest in one of our products.

Once satisfied with the results, our P3 Certified Doctors then take impressions of your upper and lower teeth before then pinpointing your natural power position using our advanced jaw tracking and positioning processes (Either the P3 Power Fit™ or the P3 Precision Fit™ process).

At the lab, all three pieces are expertly fused together into either a P3 custom upper or lower mouthpiece. Depending on the location of the fittings and custom options selected, turnaround time ranges from 4 to 12 days.

Once your P3 Mouthwear is ready, a P3 Certified Provider will schedule a delivery time and again take you through a series of tests to make sure the fit and performance are absolutely perfect.

P3 Convenience: In all but 2 states, we now have the ability to have a fully licensed mobile fitting team scheduled to provide private individual and team fittings at your training facilities, club house or private residence. It’s the ultimate service for convenience and privacy.

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P3 Customized Mandibular Orthotics

P3 Pro-I Series

The P3 Pro-I Series, our signature guard, is designed for recreational, college and pro athletes looking for advanced protection and enhanced performance. The P3 Power Bite™ fitting process is simple, painless and takes about 15 minutes.

     Available colors: Clear, Black, Red, White, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green
     Personalization: Name & membership number (on the inside of mouthpiece)

Custom colors, patterns or logos are available for an additional fee.

P3 Pro-II Series

The P3 Pro-II Series is the most scientifically advanced mouth guard on the planet.

The P3 Precision Bite™ fitting process takes approximately 60 minutes using highly specialized digital impression and jaw tracking technology that pinpoints your natural jaw alignment to within less than 1 millimeter. The closer the jaw is to the precise natural alignment, the more dramatic the performance results.

     Available colors: 25 custom colors available
     Personalization: Personalized lettering, designs and logos to your preference

P3 VIP Signature Gold Service

This exclusive white-glove service is reserved for VIPs (celebrities, dignitaries and business leaders) who demand the ultimate in privacy, convenience and comfort. We will cater to your schedule and send one of our top Neuromuscular Doctors to your personal residence, office, or club house to provide the ultimate custom fitting experience.

P3 Team Fittings

  • Preferred Pricing based on number of athletes and length of contract.
  • Ideal time to schedule team fittings is during training camp.
  • We can work in conjunction with your team dentist.

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